Not much to see here since this isn’t really about me – so you can just call me Ms. America.  I live in Atlanta, GA but I call the DC suburbs my hometown since that’s where I grew up and came of age.  Living around Washington, DC was exciting in the 70’s and 80’s.  I developed an interest in government, politics, and most importantly, the very documents that were the foundation for our rights, liberties and judicial system. 

I’m a photographer, a writer, blogger, mom, a traveler, and an animal lover.  I needed a place to write about what’s going on in the country, the world, in politics, the government, who’s in charge, etc. without being Facebook shamed by those who feel strongly that Facebook should only be about the pretty things and the bragadocious things that go on in daily life.  Some folks feel the need to scold us when we “get political” on FB – as if  they’re in charge of what should be posted.  Okay, FB nazis no worries – It’s your right to freely express that opinion even if it is obnoxious…. Yep, I’m throwing a little shade on FB shamers!

So here ya go… if you have an article to share we can talk about that, an opinion that needs to go public, so be it.  Mostly this is a collection of thoughts, articles, discussions from the web, things I find interesting, and the things that piss me off or make me laugh.  There’s also uplifting articles and stories, but all of them will somehow be tied back to that all important theme – The United States Constitution.

Keep comments factual, say nice things, no name calling and cite your sources, and most of all be civil.  Sometimes it’s not all about us individually, but about us collectively.  In my opinion, that’s what the founders were going for when they put quill to paper and laid the foundations for our rights, our liberties and our sovereignty.